Why Study at CBS

The primary purpose of the Seminary is to train men in the Scriptures. It is around this purpose that the core curriculum is established. The patient study of biblical languages, history, introduction, and exegesis are considered of utmost importance. Underlying this purpose is the firm belief that today’s Church desperately needs leaders who are mighty in the Scriptures. Modern theological education focuses more and more on extra-biblical subjects. However, it is the conviction of the Seminary that God still calls men to give their lives and ministries to the diligent study and proclamation of God’s Word.

Upon the sure foundation of biblical studies is laid a careful study of systematic theology. Material from all parts of the Bible is gathered to see what God says about each theological question. The absolute trustworthiness and the total inerrancy of the Bible provide the confidence that the answers gathered in this way are the right answers to the questions of life and eternity. Theology is viewed not as an abstract science, but as a necessary and practical tool for Christian life and service. For this reason, theology is brought to bear on the life of the Church in a very practical way.

The Center for Biblical Studies - Institute and Seminary does not view itself as the innovator of new doctrines. Instead, it sees its main task as the proclamation and defense of the old "faith, once for all delivered unto the saints." For this reason, the great orthodox doctrines of the Christian Church, as hammered out by Bible-believing Christians down through the ages, are viewed as an immovable bedrock of truth. Modern attacks against orthodoxy are carefully studied and exposed.

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